No. 08 – Emily Dumas

No. 08 – Emily Dumas

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About This Poster

It’s always amazing to me how many different accents there are in New England. I didn’t even realize there was a Maine accent until recently! Even more specifically there are regional accents. Here in Massachusetts, anyone will argue that there is a difference between a North Shore accent and a South Shore accent. So, since we don’t pronounce our “R’s”, we use wicked and awesome to describe pretty much anything and we swear A LOT; I decided to put all those things together. Funny thing is, you probably hear a combo of these words on any given night out or have even used this phrase yourself. Cheers dood guys!

This poster design is part of A New England Brew, a collaborative event hosted by BSDS in conjunction with Backlash Beer Co. in Boston, MA. Twenty eight contributing designers were asked to interpret the theme “A New England Brew” through the medium of an 18x24-inch poster. All profits will benefit Artists for Humanity, an organization which helps under-resourced youth into paid employment in the arts.

Designer Details

Emily Dumas is a licensed illustrator north of Boston. Her work has adorned a variety of products which have been exhibited and sold at trade shows and galleries across the U.S. Her topics includes lettering, puns, food and hip hop. Emily has a BA in Graphic Design from Salem State University and she also digs fitness and tacos.

Print Details

• Archival inkjet printing
• 175 gsm fine art paper
• Matte finish
• For indoor use
• Print will ship rolled