No. 24 – Sheen Hui

No. 24 – Sheen Hui

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About This Poster

While researching ideas for the poster, I found a source online that detailed how brewing was originally a women-dominated field, and how Ye Alewifes Of Olde used to dress in ways that eventually became associated with the stereotypical witch. As someone who would take any excuse to draw mystical fantasy pastel tarot witch stuff— I ran with it.

This poster design is part of A New England Brew, a collaborative event hosted by BSDS in conjunction with Backlash Beer Co. in Boston, MA. Twenty eight contributing designers were asked to interpret the theme “A New England Brew” through the medium of an 18x24-inch poster. All profits will benefit Artists for Humanity, an organization which helps under-resourced youth into paid employment in the arts.

Designer Details

(They/them pronouns). A Boston-based graphic designer from the sunny island of Singapore! Self-taught  and always striving to learn more. I do pro-bono design work for the LGBTQ+ community, and am passionate about social justice and community building. Would probably die for the Bauhaus Movement.

Print Details

• Archival inkjet printing
• 175 gsm fine art paper
• Matte finish
• For indoor use
• Print will ship rolled